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Arun Pawar and Controversy

This video exposes the fallacy of the first video that he uploaded and in which he tried to hide the fact that he did multiple attempts of reshooting the incidence. The criticism is only about the lie he presented in that first video that water leakage was recorded only once ( simultaneously from inside by him and outside by his friend). After these expose, he came with other videos where he accepted that he did reshoot it multiple times. While, Mahindra is no saint, there are multiple problems in Scorpio N including Camera, Fit and finish, Poor interior, laggy Horn Pad, Absent apple car play, Poor space management etc etc.. I can Count like 50 such points. But my request to all the vloggers is that Please dont fool us viewers by scripting your vlog. 

Dr Vikas Singh
Urologist and Uro cancer specialist
Kokilaben Hospital
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